Private homes for everybody! No Lager! Stop the accommodation of refugees in camps! Demonstration 11/16/2010, 14.00 o‘clock, Berlin, Checkpoint Charlie

Theoretically most refugees who live in Berlin have the right to live in private flats. However, in reality this right is often denied to them. The refugees are often accommodated in shabby pre-fabricated tower blocks or containers, located outside off the centre in industrial zones. There is not private sphere, sexual assaults are no rarity, living space and sanitary facilities have to be shared with many other inhabitants.

Flats instead of camps!

Already for ALG II-receivers the situation at the housing market is more than difficult. For refugees (= receivers of benefits according to the AsylbLG) it is even more difficult, due to the unsafe stay status, the much to low upper limits for rents and the open discrimination on the housing market which they experience while searching for a flat.
The Berlin-Senate privatises urgently required urban flats. Refugees are accommodated increasingly in camps, new camps are opened.

No new camps in Berlin! Close all existing camps!
Responsibly for this racist policy is the Social Senator Carola Bluhm. We will visit Mrs. Bluhm in her official residence in Oranienstrasse 106 and inform her loudly and clearly about our demands.

We call for the demonstration in the 11/16/2010, 14.00 o‘clock, checkpoint Charly.
Lets tear down internal and external borders!

Bündnis gegen Lager Berlin/Brandenburg (Alliance against camps Berlin/Brandenburg)
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