Invitation to a Demonstration in Potsdam
No to Lagers for Women! Close all Lagers!

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Since 1911, 8th March has come to be the day internationally associated with the struggle for women’s interests, against oppression, sexual violence and war, for women’s suffrage, for better working and living conditions, for equality and against capitalism and racism.
This year we are going to protest the unbearable living conditions of refugee women in Brandenburg and press for changes by holding a demonstration in Potsdam.
In many locations across Germany refugees have campaigned against intolerable living conditions by staging strikes and protests. Under the Act on Benefits for Asylum Seekers (Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz), refugees in Germany are required to live in poor conditions in refugee camps (lagers), are often not allowed to work and instead are made dependent on benefits in kind provided by the authorities, do not have adequate access to health care and are forced to live on less than the unemployment benefit II rate (Hartz IV). At the same time refugees are denied the human right to freedom of movement under the so-called “residency obligation” (Residenzpflicht). This law and other racist special laws provide the legal framework for oppression, isolation, and social exclusion.

In Brandenburg refugee women and their children have to live in “collective accommodation” for years, usually squeezed together in confined spaces (the minimum standard set by the Federal State’s Government is six square metres per person), without privacy or possibility to take the control of their lives into their own hands. The camp-like accommodations are often situated outside built-up areas. The social isolation leaves women defenceless and they often become victims of sexu¬al harassment or rape; they suffer due to bad hygienic conditions and the lack of prospects for their children.

We demand:
 No to lagers for women! Close all lagers! Private rented housing for all!
 Against all forms of oppression, be it because of sex or gender, appearance, origin, age, sexual orientation or mobility restrictions.

WomenLesbianTrans* demo starting 16.30pm
Men showing solidarity are welcome outside the WLT* block
Breitscheidt Str./Karl Liebknecht Str., Potsdam, S-Bhf. Babelsberg