Rallys on Monday 6th of June and Wednesday, 8th of June, to support the voucher-strike of the refugees living in Hennigsdorf

*Mo., 6.6., 10 Uhr: **Rallye in front of **Sozialamt,*
Adolf-Dechert-Straße 1, Oranienburg

*Mi., 8.6., 8:30 Uhr: **Refugees Lager **Stolpe-Süd* Hennigsdorf
(meeting for people who don‘t know the location: 8:00 h S-Bahn trainstation Hennigsdorf)
Gutschein – abschaffen!!!After having successfully started the boycott of vouchers on Wednesday and our rallye on Friday, we will continue being loud and we will show that we will not be quiet through only having a talk on Thursday. The officials of the „Landkreis“ had offered such a talk saying that they at least want to consider giving out cash. On the other hand the „Sozialamt“ announced that they want to give out the vouchers for Juno next Wednesday. Furthermore, people from Sozialamt try to talk to individual refugees offering them vouchers for breaking our strike.

For these reasons, we will continue showing the public that we want cash money and nothing else!
On Monday morning, we will have a rallye in front of the responsible Sozialamt in Oranienburg.
On Wednesday the Sozialamt will again try to give vouchers instead of cash money – this is why we will be there early again and say: No to vouchers!

United against Racism and Isolation (u.r.i.) Hennigsdorf
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