Prevent detention pending deportation on BBI Airport! Close the deportation center Grünau! Demonstration to the deportation center Grünau on December 10th 2011 3pm S-train station Spindlersfeld

The right of asylum was practically abolished in Germany in 1993. To ensure about 10.000 deportations per year the authorities order for masses of people to be detained pending deportation. In addition to the deportation center in Grünau established in 1994, another deportation center will be build on the new Airport Berlin-Brandenburg-International (BBI). Our demonstration on December 10th opposes the system of detention pending deportation and the installation of a deportation center on BBI. With our rally at the deportation center Grünau we want to show solidarity with the detainees.

:: The system of detention pending deportation ::
Detention pending deportation serves to imprison people without residence permit. For the local courts it is a routine business to authorize detention pending deportation requested by the aliens departments while refugees don‘t have a right of legal advice by an attorney. The period of arrest can be prolonged to 18 months if the detainees don‘t help the authorities to expedite their deportation. In fact, detention pending deportation has to be called an imprisonment without trail – detention without a criminal act.
Detention pending deportation represents the continuation of social and legal exclusion of migrants and refugees. Racist legislation negatively affects all aspects of their lives: a nontransparent network of federal laws and state regulations, arbitrariness and deprivation of rights are supposed to frighten off refugees and prevent their immigration.
The pogroms against accommodations for refugees 20 years ago revealed an immigration opposing nationalism which legislation obeyed by imposing an amendment to the German constitution in 1993 regulating a “demand-oriented” immigration (the so called asylum compromise). Not the right of asylum but the economical usability came to the fore. Because of the EU-expansion, the all European policy of closed doors and the “Save Third Country Regulation” it has become more difficult to come to Germany. Hence the amount of asylum applications in 2010 (41.332 applications) reached only ten percent of the number of 1992.

:: Berlin and Brandenburg build a new deportation center ::

Construction site BBI: Which for many people is the new door to a nice vacation will be the ex-territorial terminal stop of fleeing for others. Only this October it came to light that a deportation center holding up to 30 prisoners will be constructed on the new airport. This is still a consequence of the laws enacted in 1993 which provided for an accelerated processing of applications for asylum.
The “airport procedure” makes it possible to decide on asylum applications in the transit area of an airport. It is planned to directly deport a large part of the applicants after an out of court quick summary process right on the airport. Pro Asyl monitored this airport procedure in Frankfurt/Main (300 procedures a year) and called it ”hasty, unfair and faulty”.
Planning a deportation center on BBI the states of Berlin and Brandenburg, hand in hand with the federal government, not only advocate the enhancement of the controversial airport procedure but also of the partial privatization of prisons as the security company B.O.S.S. has been tasked with provisioning and supervision of the deportation center on BBI. This company is already in charge of the deportation center in Eisenhüttenstadt.

:: Deportation center Grünau ::
The way the system of detention pending deportation works can be understood looking at the deportation center in Grünau: narrow cells, miserable provisions, hardly any occupation but instead imposed boredom. Although it is allowed to use cell phones detainees don‘t have enough money for phone calls, lawyers or for books and other entertainment to endure the back-breaking boredom.
Especially abstruse is the fact that detainees are charged 65,26 Euros for every day in prison. This amount of money in addition to the costs of their deportation is due when the former prisoners reenter German territory. While a legal re-immigration to Germany is nearly impossible anyway this way it also becomes unaffordable.
The medical care in the deportation center Grünau is scandalous as well: Critically sick people have to wait for treatment, people infected with highly infectious deseases share cells with healthy detainees and people at risk of suicide are isolated in solitary cells, which severely increases the risk of suicide.
What on first sight may seem as unfortunate shortcomings is part of the system: There is no independent medical staff at the deportation center but only the medical service of the police authorities which does not care about the health of the detainees but about their physical ability to be deported or imprisoned. After the examination of the deportation center Grünau in Ocotber 2011 the state commission on prevention of torture also criticized many of the failings mentioned above.

Gradually improving the conditions or humanizing the inhuman system must not be the objective. Only the abolition of detention pending deportation without substitution has to be the course of action. Instead of fighting for the abolition by federal law and until then seeking for legal loopholes (as debated by the Rheinland Pfalz State Government) the State Government of Berlin is generous with spending money on the disastrous institution: In Grünau only 18 people are imprisoned right now while there is a capacity of 214 prisoners and 192 employees constantly working.

:: Resistance in the deportation center ::
Regularly detainees put up resistance in Grünau. Lately the case of Victor Atoe was in the media. Like Atoe, prisoners recurrently go on hunger strike or feel obligated to hurt themselves in order to possibly be dismissed from the deportation center. In summer 2005 there were collective resistance activities, temporary 60 people refused to eat. During the three months of strike the “Antirassistische Initiative Berlin” documented 44 self-injuries including suicide attempts. The routine of the deportation center was reinstalled though, some of the resistance fighters were put into isolation cells or were deported.

:: Solidarity! ::
Our demonstration opposes the system of detention pending deportation and the enhancement of the airport procedure. In addition to the demonstration, solidarity can also mean to provide the imprisoned with resources they need to be quickly released from the deportation center: Money for lawyers, cell phones and cell phone credits but also books and DVDs that help dealing with the boredom and not to be crushed by these cruel living conditions. Therefore we appeal to you for regular donations of money or contributions in kind (cell phones, call cards, books and DVDs in the languages spoken by the detainees) which will be passed on by the “Initiative gegen Abschiebehaft”.
With our demonstration we are also part of the protest against the worsening of migration and domestic security policies as it will be initiated by the meeting of State Ministers of the Interior in Wiesbaden on December 8th and 9th. Additionally we will show our anger and solidarity with a rally in front of the deportation center on New Year’s Eve.

Info: Friday, December 2nd, 6pm, K9 (Kinzigstr. 9): Discussion on the system of detention pending deportation and the new deportation center on BBI.

Demonstration to the deportation center Grünau: Saturday, December 10th, 3pm, S-train-station Spindlersfeld:. With noise and music against the deportation center, greetings to the inside and outside, “disco of song requests”, political projections, Vokü and hot beverages, information, live acts.

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